Säljes: Flex 6500 with Flex Maestro or Flex Control


Perhaps the best rig I have ever used, on offer here is my boxed - in excellent condition - FLEX 6500 Direct Sampling SDR Transceiver, the FLEX Maestro Plug-and-Play Control Console, the Flex Control and an original Flex microphone.

The performance of SmartSDR - using up to 4 simultaneous slices (radios) - is beyond description and its advanced possibilities are endless. I have only touched the surface and as a limited time user, this radio had far too much capability for my present requirements. But I am very happy to have tried out some of its features for myself.

Please note, I will not sell the Flex Maestro until the Flex 6500 is sold.

All documentation is printed and includes detailed technical guide, original boxes and testing at my home QTH possible before purchase if you wish.

I also have an updated list of over 100 items including HF VHF rigs, ATU, PSU, HF and VHF PA, antenna, etc.

Email for photos or more information. Prices include delivery to your front door. I am open to sensible offer for each item but would prefer a deal for both the Flex 6500 plus Flex Maestro.

Flex 6500 SDR - 32500 SEK
Flex Maestro Controller - 12500 SEK
Flex Control - 1250 SEK

Pris: 32500 SEK

Säljes: Flex 6500 with Flex Maestro or Flex Control'>

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