Säljes: Fully loaded Elecraft KX3 - the ultimate portable solution!


Elecraft KX3 with ATU, internal battery charger, roofing filter, external mike, power lead and adapters and includes a new set of batteries and all in custom padded carry case.
The radio has the Windcamp heavy duty heatsink and side panels with handles and a hard plastic cover. Included are the original manuals and build sheets for all the accessories.
Available in addition - not part of this sale but available separately - I have a mint condition Elecraft PX3 (also with side handles and hard plastic protective cover), manuals and all connecting cables for the KX3 (4950 kr., without side handles and cover 4500kr.)
For more pictures or information on either piece of equipment, please mail.

Pris: 11500 SEK delivered

Säljes: Fully loaded Elecraft KX3 - the ultimate portable solution!'>

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