Säljes: AOR AR3030 with AOR power supply - The New Classic


My AOR AR3030 HF Receiver with " Collins Inside" is in excellent condition and 100% in order - easy to use and with advanced features that include: DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) with patented NCO (Numeric Controlled Oscillator) that dramatically improves carrier to noise ratio.

This all-mode receiver tunes from 30 kHz to 30 mHz with 10 Hz tuning accuracy. A synchronous detector improves AM signals that are fading. The supplied 6 kHz filter is Collins and the 2.4 kHz is Murata. Manual tuning and you may also enter desired frequencies directly via the keypad.

A built in TCXO (Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator) provides 5 PPM stability. Other refinements include: AGC control with off position, large amber backlit LCD, analog S-meter, RF gain, Squelch, dual VFOs, RS-232 serial interface and 100 memories with scan.

The AR3030 can operate from eight AA cells stored internally and the rear panel has a BNC antenna jack. This function has never been used.

Included is the AOR AA3030 external power supply (12 VDC @1A) and a user manual.

Pris: 3750 SEK

Säljes: AOR AR3030 with AOR power supply - The New Classic'>

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