Säljes: Elecraft K3 / 100 with universal serial bus adapter


Elecraft K3 / 100 (non S synthesiser) with 2.7kHz crystal filer and Universal Serial Bus Adapter (KUSB). Comes with power cable and all original documentation including original sales receipt.

Unfortunately, the radio is faulty. The previous owner (now silent key) had requested a factory upgrade and repair to the squelch / RF gain control and to address some RX & TX problems. Elecraft have "quoted" ca 4 hours to do the upgrades and repair but these are only possible at the factory in the US or the European major distributor in Italy.

The radio switches on but displays several ERR messages. It is in otherwise perfect condition optically, no marks or scratches.

Please ask if you require more information or additional pictures.

Pris: 8500 SEK

Säljes: Elecraft K3 / 100 with universal serial bus adapter'>

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